The rightplants4me is a simple to use plant database website, designed to provide information to help you search for the right plants and advice to suit your garden design, seasonal changes and growing conditions. 


The database has over 3,900 plants and over 10,600 photographs to help with plant identification. The plant database is growing daily. Please contact us to have plants added and we will do our best to add them.


Each plant is accompanied with images, full plant description, Latin names explained, planting and illustrated pruning advice plus pests and diseases and some have flower time lapse sequences.

The Illustrated pruning advice shows you what to do - The pruning advice is generic. However, the Authors have added their own personal comments to help with some plants.

You do not need to sign in to search for plants on this website.  Just click SEARCH PLANT DATABASE above to search for plants by name, colour, months, leaf type and height.

 Search for plants by name, colour, month / season, aspect and soil type


Plant finder and plant identification:- Check out the 'Articles' above to see screen shots.
To search common name:-  tick common name and type Rose - then click Search. Images of all the plants with rose in the common name appear on the right side of the screen. 

To search for the Latin name:- tick Latin name and type in Rosa, - then click search. Images of all the plants with Rosa in the Latin name appear on the right side of the screen. 

To select Latin or common name or Genus. Just click on the relevant circle below the text box.

To open the full plant description and advice pages click on the thumbnail image.

To search by flower colour:- click on for example Yellow. All the yellow flowering plants are displayed.

To search by leaf colour:- click on for example variegated. All the plants with variegated leaves appear.

To select by Months:- click on J,F,M,A etc.  so the month(s) becomes highlighted. Press search. All the plants of interest are displayed. Deselect months by clicking the highlighted months

To select Heights:- Click on the height bars so they become highlighted. You can choose one or more height ranges. Press search. All the plants with those heights appear. Deselect heights by clicking on the highlighted height bars.

Plants I have list

If you subscribe you can make printable plant lists 'Plants I have' and 'Plants I want'. Once the plants are added to your list you can add notes and from the calendar be reminded when and how to prune your plants.

We've also included plants to help RHS students with their plant identification syllabus, plus added time lapse sequences to accompany some plants to reveal their fascinating growth and design.


We welcome your feedback, so please let us know if you find any glaring mistakes and we will correct them immediately.

You will only need to sign in if you want  to subscribe to activate the ability to make visual plant lists, add printable notes to accompanying your plants and now our NEW function shows which of your plants need pruning in any month and how to do it.

SUBSCRIPTION IS AVAILABLE for only £14.95 pa with secure payment with PayPal.



This interactive plant identification web site is still growing, we are adding new plants and search functions.

You might notice that identical plant data is on a site in Belgium called mygarden.org           mygarden.org have illegally copied the plant description data from rightplants4me.co.uk to furnish their site 

The data has taken years and many tens of thousands £'s to gather so it is discraceful that mygarden.org think they can simply steal other people's work. Action is being taken through a Solicitor. 

Update. They have removed the plant descriptions and my images from their site BUT I will keep an eye on these guys to make sure they don't put it back on.

If you have plants that you want adding please contact info@rightplants4me.co.uk

TEL: 01865 512561