Search Plants - Plant Identification 

Press Search to see all plants. It's best to start your search by selecting just one or two options i.e month(s) and colour, then add more options to narrow your search. If no plants appear click 'reset' to start a new search. Good hunting.

Search Latin Name

  1. Click Latin Name
  2. Type the Genus name i.e = hamamelis
  3. Or just the first 1-3 letters i.e = ham

  4. Press Search

All the plants starting with the letter ham are displayed
The plants with ham anywhere in the Latin name displayed will be shown at the end of the list.

To narrow down or make a specific search

  1. Type Hamamelis x intermedia
  2. Or Hamamelis Diane

  3. Press Search

All the plants with Hamamelis x intermedia are displayed
Or just the plant with Hamamelis x intermedia ‘Diane’ is displayed


Search Common Name

  1. Click Common Name
  2. Type in Hazel
  3. Or the variety i.e = Diane

  4. Press Search

All the plants with hazel in the name are displayed
Or just the Witch hazel ‘Diane’ is displayed


Display results by Latin or Common Name.
If you want to display the plants by Latin Name or common name select relevant option
* You don’t need to type in the text box to display plants

You can select plants with name and any combination of month(s), flower / leaf colour, height, aspect etc.


Search for Name and Leaf colour
You can search for Acers with red leaves

  1. Type Acer in the Text box
  2. Click on red Leaf
  3. Press Search
Only Acers with red leaves are displayed


Search for Name, Colour, Month, Height and Aspect

  1. Type in Clem or Clematis
  2. Select a Flower colour and or Leaf colour
  3. Select a Month(s)
  4. Select Height(s)
  5. Select any Aspect i.e Full sun, Partial shade, Shade

Press Search at anytime to show the plants.
Be aware the more you select the more precise / narrowing your search results.